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Our Mission

Our company is built on the foundation of personal engagement through TEAMWORK. We believe that the people within our organization and those we serve are at the core of our success. We recognize the IMPACT of each individual - our candidates, consultants, clients, and colleagues - and are RESOLVED to uphold the principles of ATRIA's core values with every ACT. By placing people at the center of everything we do, we ACHIEVE meaningful relationships that transcend the boundaries of business and create a genuine connection.





Our Core Values

ACHIEVE – Our Commitment to Quality

By fostering a culture of commitment to quality and making people the priority, we create an environment of responsive, driven individuals who go above and beyond to ACHIEVE our goals and deliver exceptional results that positively impact the lives of our candidates, consultants, clients, and colleagues.

TEAMWORK – Our Commitment to Connections

We prioritize teamwork through our commitment to a collaborative environment that fosters individual value. TEAMWORK and genuine connections are at the core of our supportive culture, where our candidates, consultants, clients, and colleagues thrive through partnerships built on strong relationships that transcend the ordinary.

RESOLVE – Our Commitment to Distinction

With our steadfast RESOLVE and commitment to distinction, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of respect, reliability, professionalism, urgency, and delivery to ensure quality results and a meaningful impact for our candidates, consultants, clients, and colleagues.  

IMPACT – Our Commitment to Integrity

Our IMPACT is driven by our steadfast commitment to an honest, inclusive, inspired, and innovative approach that puts people first.  We prioritize doing what's right, even when it's not easy. We lead by example, uphold our values, and stay true to our principles.  We work towards a world where everyone has equal opportunities and insight, where inclusion is the norm, and where honesty and trust are the foundation of every interaction.

ACTION – Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

With our people-focused approach, ACTIONs speak louder than words. As a WBE, we celebrate and advocate for diversity among our candidates, consultants, clients, and colleagues. We are committed to decisively aligning our values with our actions to adapt to the ever-changing industry landscape.

Our Pledge

  1. We will live our core values to achieve continuous development through process improvement, adaptability, transformation, and evolution.

  2. We will create a collaborative and supportive team environment, celebrate wins, offer support during challenging times, and continuously develop emotional intelligence through self-awareness.

  3. We will establish the trust and confidence of our candidates, consultants, clients, and colleagues through our resolve for professionalism, mutual respect, empathy, altruism, and achievement.

  4. We will create impact through community outreach, meaningful and collaborative partnerships, and excellence within the industry.

  5. We will actively seek out diverse viewpoints, communicate without bias, honor individual contributions, and foster an atmosphere of diversity, equality, respect, and equitable opportunity for all. 

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